Seeds Begets Platinum Games

Seeds, the independent studio formed from the remnants of Okami and Viewtiful Joe series developer Clover Studio after Capcom shut it down, will be known as Platinum Games as of October 1. The name change comes about as a result of Seeds' merger with ODD, a Japanese company about which little is known.

Though Seeds has yet to unveil its first title, the studio has drawn much attention due to what Shacknews editor-in-chief Chris Remo describes as a "preposterously talented staff." Among the company's all-star game development staff are Resident Evil creator and God Hand director Shinji Mikami, Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe creator Hideki Kamiya, and Shadow of the Colossus veteran Yuta Kimura.

"We are the Seeds that caused the vibrant flowers Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Steel Battalion, Viewtiful Joe, and Okami to come into bloom," the company announced when it was formed this past February. "Now, with a renewed spirit, we want to once again challenge the world of entertainment. But to do this, we need many, many more seeds... Would you like to make some 'preposterously amazing' games with us?"