MechWarrior Crysis Mod Given Legal Clearance

By Chris Faylor, Sep 24, 2007 2:07pm PDT In a move that will no doubt bring light to understandably joyless PC BattleTech fans, Microsoft, owner of the MechWarrior license, has granted the MechWarrior: Living Legends mod team the legal clearance to use assets and properties drawn from the BattleTech universe (thanks Landrosradick).

In other words, Microsoft has okayed a fan-created MechWarrior game. Seeing as Cease & Desist orders from property holders are a very common and real threat for mod teams, the Living Legends team has, essentially, dodged a major bullet.

All the more exciting, and at the same time disheartening, is the fact that Living Legends is a mod currently in development for Crytek's upcoming PC shooter Crysis. On the upside, it will most likely look really, really pretty. On the downside, that means that the team has yet to get their hands on the actual code, and with such mods being voluntary free-time projects, it could be a few years out.

Still, lots of excitement to be had, especially with the recent closure of MechWarrior 4 developer FASA Studios, the only internal Microsoft studio to utilize the property. Now to wait.

"Robot boners across America," exclaimed the currently medicated Shacknews founder Steve Gibson as he shook his three different bottles of pain medication. "No wait, the world! Robot boners across the world!"

"Squishy foot hurts," he added.

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  • Mektek is a farce. MechWarrior 4 was release a full 7 years ago! Most of the battletech community can't stand mektek with their overly arrogant attitude and sense of entitlement.

    From the looks of things MechWarrior: Living Legends has already garnered FAR more interest in not only the battletech hardcore fan demographic but also has brought the battletech name back to
    mainstream and gotten old players intrested in it again.

    MWLL is doing something that mektek is too afraid and far too inept to do, which is too market and develop in an engine not inherently designed for what they are attempting to do.

    In addition, alot of Crysis mod teams already have the editor and full SDK although they are not allowed to share that information do you really think that project this large was just left by the wayside by Crytek? I think not.

    Mektek is simply a lackluster team of amatures which is apparent since you say they've released 40 new mechs for the game. That's good, except it only took them seven years.

    I am a huge fan of MWLL and know that this will re-establish the name of MechWarrior and bring new players back to the universe. > mektek

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    • Considering that MekTek didn't have an editor or any SDK at all to start off from and had to build all their tools from scratch and didn't start modding with MechWarrior 4 but infact MechWarrior 4 Mercs which came out in later 2002.

      Also some other facts you seem to be ignoring are...

      that it took them over 2 years to figure out how to do everything they can do

      No other modding group out there has actually been able to do what MekTek has done and the only groups out there that have just piggy backed onto what MekTek has done.

      And I said 50 or 60 mechs, with new weapons, and equipment.

      They have also worked on keeping the multiplayer alive when the Zone killed off their room for it.

      They have also worked on anti-cheating code to help the players that are left against cheaters.

      After 3 years and so far with 3 MekPaks already released (Last one being released over a year ago and a 4th one on the way hopefully soon) I think these guys are doing pretty good, specially for doing all this in their free time. Lets see you try to do something while working full time, having families to interact with, and wanting some personal time to do other stuff away from the computer. All for no pay from MekTek.

      So they might be a bunch of amatures as you suggest, but they are amatures that have done stuff no one else has been able to do.

      They also never promise stuff that they don't deliver. If they say they are going to do something, it usually means they already have and are just finishing it up. I wish all companies were like this, that they would never promise anything they couldn't deliver.

      By the sounds of it you are probably one of the cheaters out there that have had their cheats disabled and hate MekTek for it, or even one of the people that kept bugging MekTek to release their tools that eventually get banned from there for calling them every name in the book when they tell you that they won't give out their tools because they told Microsoft they wouldn't.

      Or maybe you are just one of the people they have banned from their forums for causing trouble. They have some very strict rules for their forums and they don't seem to take kindly to people breaking their rules.

      I wish the MWLL guys luck, but judging by their track record of announcing stuff for a game engine then leaving the game engines for another for what reason, I'm not going to hold my breath.