MechWarrior Crysis Mod Given Legal Clearance

By Chris Faylor, Sep 24, 2007 2:07pm PDT In a move that will no doubt bring light to understandably joyless PC BattleTech fans, Microsoft, owner of the MechWarrior license, has granted the MechWarrior: Living Legends mod team the legal clearance to use assets and properties drawn from the BattleTech universe (thanks Landrosradick).

In other words, Microsoft has okayed a fan-created MechWarrior game. Seeing as Cease & Desist orders from property holders are a very common and real threat for mod teams, the Living Legends team has, essentially, dodged a major bullet.

All the more exciting, and at the same time disheartening, is the fact that Living Legends is a mod currently in development for Crytek's upcoming PC shooter Crysis. On the upside, it will most likely look really, really pretty. On the downside, that means that the team has yet to get their hands on the actual code, and with such mods being voluntary free-time projects, it could be a few years out.

Still, lots of excitement to be had, especially with the recent closure of MechWarrior 4 developer FASA Studios, the only internal Microsoft studio to utilize the property. Now to wait.

"Robot boners across America," exclaimed the currently medicated Shacknews founder Steve Gibson as he shook his three different bottles of pain medication. "No wait, the world! Robot boners across the world!"

"Squishy foot hurts," he added.

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  • has had this permission for many years now. They have been doing free upgrades for Mechwarrior 4 Mercs. And if as everyone knows, Mercs is not a Mod friendly game. They've added like 50 or 60 mechs, tons of weapons and even some equipment.

    If i remember right these Living Legend guys have tried to make mods for a few other game engines but keep switching because they say there is lack of help from the game creators. So it appears that have switched yet again.

    Announcing you are going to make a game for an engine before the engine is even out or you even have one line of code down is not a great idea because when you don't produce anything you loose credibility.

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    • MekTek was pretty quiet about what went on behind the scenes or whether or not they had that same license. But since this Mod is for another engine and not built directly off the now old MW4 engine, I can't see them competing unless they plan to do one themselves. They did some awesome work for what they had and I commend them, but MW:LL is a combined arms game (with the option of Mech vs Mech only or other variations), not just Mech vs Mech.

      You're right on that last line. All i can say is, good thing the MW:LL dev team isn't anywhere close to what you stated. As far as the engine being out, you must not have seen the Open Tests for Crysis that are out there or know that CryTek is releasing Pre-SDK's to select Mod groups.

      And yes it's true that the other engines weren't supportive or supported what this mod team wants to do. Though if you do a little digging around you can find that:
      1: Battlefield 2, when Mech Tactical Simulation tried to mod for BF2 they received ZERO help from DICE.. this is because they started development on BF 2142 before BF2 was released. See this posting:

      2: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars supports smaller game worlds than MW:LL would like. The full reasoning is in the FAQ on the MW:LL site.

      3: Crysis already supports what MW:LL wants; Large view distances, advanced animation and skeletal system, advanced weapon scripting (for multiple weapon groups and adjustable keybind/keymapping system), among a physics intensive and destroyable flora (DX10).

      It's fine if you want to say "this isn't a big deal, MekTek already had this license." Then great. More power to them! VUGames already did the same thing with StarSiege 2845 and the Kings Quest fanmade game. I don't see what you're trying to get at though when you obviously are not on the team or have an eye behind the scenes..