Halo 3 Crisis Confirmed: Scratched Discs (Updated)

Update: Shacknews editor-in-chief Chris Remo and several other Shackers have confirmed instances of scratched discs in their Limited Edition copies of Halo 3.

Original Story: Reports originating from the self-proclaimed "preeminent video game industry discussion community" NeoGAF suggests that tonight's launch of Bungie's anxiously awaited Halo 3 (X360) may be hampered by shoddy packaging and scratched discs.

User Hooterville and other posters in the thread claim the packaging of the $69.99 Limited Edition tin containing Halo 3 is marred by an inadequate disc tab, which allows both discs of the special edition to break free during the shipping process and become damaged. Several pictures were provided, which we have rehosted below. nope

As both the $59.99 regular edition and $129.99 helmet-tastic Legendary Edition package the game and bonus materials in a standard DVD case, they are not said to be afflicted by this issue. Shacknews has contacted Microsoft regarding the claims and possible actions available to gamers who end up with damaged discs.