EA Offers Dead Space Details; Space Survival Horror Blasts onto PS3, 360 in Fall 2008

BOOM widget 114531 Electronic Arts issued the first details of its recently revealed survival horror effort Dead Space.

Developed by EA Redwood Shores for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and targeted for a fall 2008 release, the third-person game tells the tale of Isaac Clarke, a run-of-the-mill engineer sent to repair a deep space mining station. Of course, when Isaac gets there, he, as EA puts it, "awakes to a living nightmare" and finds "the ship's crew...ravaged by a vicious alien infestation."

Dead Space is said to be in part inspired by Paul W.S. Anderson's 1997 cinematic terror Event Horizon. Given EA's description today, it unfortunately appears the game will not mirror the film's use of Sam Neill (pictured left) as its main antagonist bad dude.

"This team has worked on some tremendous properties but we have always wanted to work on something that was darker and creepier," said executive producer Glen Schofield. "We are all such huge fans of the horror and sci-fi genres; we wanted to create the most terrifying game we could, and keep the player on the edge of his [or her] seat the entire time."