ON Delivers World of Warcraft TV

Original online video content provider ON Networks has premiered its World of Warcraft-focused pseudo-television series, ON Warcraft.

Equated to ESPN's SportsCenter, ON Warcraft hosts Arwen Lietz and Marc Majcher guide players through Azeroth, providing "informative play-by-play commentary," "exclusive gameplay footage," and "never-before-seen screenshots" along with way. The initial segments cover topics such as Omor the Unscarred and Watchkeeper Gargolmar.

Available via ON Networks' official site and iTunes, the show is said to be part of the company's "collection of smart, short-form entertainment that can be watched anytime, anywhere and on any device."

"The show is for any of these players--from casual gamers to serious raiders--who want to enhance their gameplay and maximize their efficiency in the game," said producer Cliff Wildman. "The debut of ON Warcraft is sure to appeal to the legions of WoW players."