Ratchet, Secret Agent Clank Infiltrate PSP

Insomniac Games' lovable duo are returning once again to the PSP in Secret Agent Clank.

Unlike the tag team's previous outings, series frontman Lombax Ratchet takes a backseat to his metal companion after the galaxy's furriest hero finds himself wrongly imprisoned. Donning a stylish tuxedo, Clank embarks on a quest to clear Ratchet's name the only way he knows how: karate chops and kung-fu kicks.

Despite the intrinsic differences between Ratchet's gargantuan wrench and Clank's diminutive fists, Clank's attacks appear to have the same effect and feel as those ingrained in player's heads across past Ratchet and Clank adventures. Of course, the imaginative weapons and gadgets also return, including one that summons a legion of enemy-devouring plants from the ground.

During some of the more intensive action sequences, the game makes use of interactive cutscenes and timed button presses, such as one scenario that has the robotic protagonist leaping and sneaking through laser beams. Ratchet and Clank's best pal in the whole wide world galaxy, Captain Qwark, pops in as a playable character as well, undoubtedly dishing out his own unique blend of self-serving heroism.

Given that High Impact Games' Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters was one of the most impressive PS2 to PSP downsizings to date, both in terms of technical details and playability, Shacknews has high expectations for Secret Agent Clank when it arrives in 2008.