2D Platformer Eternity's Child Jumps from Live Arcade to Wii, Grabs Retail Publishing Deal

Last year, UK-based Frenchman Luc Bernard revealed Eternity's Child, an old-school whimsical platformer in full 2D, featuring fantasy environments and an angelic protagonist who had lost his wings. The game was planned for release through Xbox Live Arcade. Now, however, a new interview on French gaming site Art du Jeu reveals that, due to Live Arcade's space restrictions making the game's high volume of high-res 2D art unfeasible, the game has moved to a retail Wii release through UK publisher Alten8. nope

New screenshots were released showing the game in Wii-appropriate resolution. According to the interview, along with the format change comes what is essentially a reboot on development. Bernard states that gameplay will be very traditional and not reliant on the motion capabilities of the Wii remote, but that there might be a few Wii-specific functions thrown in. Some kind of multiplayer mode is expected, though Bernard did not elaborate. The creator also plans to develop a Nintendo DS version of Eternity's Child, though it would be a considerably different game.

The hero of Eternity's Child is an orphaned angel who avoided a massacre of angel children by cutting off his own wings. Bernard describes the game as a dark fairy tale, and cites his own childhood fantasies as heavy inspiration. He also points to Rare's platformer Donkey Kong Country as his favorite game as a child, though admits he spends less time with games now.

In addition to Eternity's Child, Bernard has plans for further games, including one set during World War II, and one more mature game entitled The Rose Princess, set to be rendered in 3D.

Eternity's Child does not currently have a release date set.