BioShock Contest Results and a New Community Direction

Good afternoon everyone, Geedeck here to share with you the winners of the "Big Daddy's Day Off" contest and tell you a bit about some new directions with the Shack. First off, the contest turned out some really great results and apologies for any delay. It's always a real pleasure to do a contest like this and get a large bunch of entries that don't leave us with a simple decision. Our second place winner is ghostdad with Mr. Bubbles risking typecasting and our first place winner is GibMonkey illustrating how even on his day off, Big Daddy can't catch a break. We'll be sending the BioShock 360 faceplate to GibMonkey and the mouse pad to ghostdad. nope

While not the winners, some other excellent pieces show off Big Daddy's love of Shacking, Gamelon, football, hockey, teatime (twice!), cooking, showering, dancing, a literal depiction, and as interpreted by 1980s Sierra among others.

Second, there are some changes in store for the Shacknews community. It's always been a significant part of the Shack, but previously we haven't been able to give it proper focus. Shacknews wouldn't be what it is without the community, therefore Steve and co. have asked me to join Shacknews as the community manager.

In this position I want to help the readers share the spotlight with other Shack features and more. What this will amount to has yet to be fully decided. We have some notions in mind but would also like to hear your thoughts. You can either drop me an email at jeff@shacknews.com, send me a ShackMessage, or post your thoughts in this article, and we'll go from there.