The Witcher Gameplay Footage

by Maarten Goldstein, Aug 30, 2007 2:32pm PDT
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Now available on FileShack is a Games Convention video of The Witcher, CD Projekt's upcoming role playing game. The movie runs for nearly three minutes, showing plenty of in-game footage. For more on the game check out our recent preview.

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  • I hope this ends up being one of those underdog games that actually delivers. All too often European developers crank out fantasy rehash after fantasy rehash with really bad English translation and voice acting.

    This, however, is one of those games that I hope gets the Westernization that it needs to succeed in the states. It's got awesome graphics, polished art, innovative looking gameplay (from the combat anyway), and a really cool, unique setting that isn't elves and orcs fantasy. One of the first RPG games in years to actually pique my interest :)