Command & Conquer 3 1.07 Patch, SDK Released

Electronic Arts has issued a new Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars patch, updating the sci-fi strategy game to v1.07. The patch offers bug fixes, balancing changes and a new menu screen to launch custom maps from. Additionally, an SDK has been released allowing people to create mods for the game. An updated World Builder is available as well.

Version 1.07 Patch Notes - August, 2007

This patch for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars enables the Mod SDK, fixes several bugs, and makes some balance changes.


- The Mod SDK installer will only work with the 1.07 patch. The Mod SDK installer is for the user to create customizable maps, units, AI, UI, and much more. Visit commandandconquer.com for more information and to download the Mod SDK.

- A custom map launcher screen has been added to launch single player custom maps. This is found under the Skirmish button in the Main Menu.

- Replay browser has been converted into a general game browser. There is a tab for launching replays and a tab for launching Mods.


- Fixes for various cheats have been put into place. Please be advised that players attempting to tamper with the game may cause online matches to automatically desync.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow GDI projectile shells to track targets properly.

- Fixed a bug that caused the Scrin Drone Platform to self- destruct when coming in contact with an enemy upgraded Scrin Annihilator Tripod.

- Fixed a bug with decoyed GDI Mammoth Tanks created by the Nod Decoy Army support power that allowed them to crush enemy units.

- Fixed a bug where support powers, Scrin Tiberium Vibration Scan and Nod Radar Jamming Missile, deducted twice the amount of credits indicated.

- Fixed errors that caused some players to experience unexpected problems due to copy protection.

Balance Changes

- Scrin Mothership will now take 8 seconds to deploy over the Scrin Signal Transmitter, where it will be unselectable by user but can be attacked by opponent. Scrin Mothership speed has been increased by 33%. Weapon chain reaction delay increased by 1 sec.

- GDI Pitbull health reduced by 20%. Mortar given a scatter radius of 50. Mortar upgrade cost increased to 2000 from 1000.

- Scrin Buzzer Hive now leaves 1 Scrin Buzzer instead of 3 when destroyed or sold.

- Cranes for all 3 factions can no longer build defensive structures or superweapons.

- Harvesters' rate of collecting Tiberium has been made equal across all factions. Harvesters will now unload at the refinery before moving to a new Tiberium field.

Other Changes

- John Freeman and James Geiger credited for Mastering Lab work.

- TransGaming Inc. credited for Macintosh conversion