DRMgate 07: BioShock Copyright Protection Keeps 2K Controversy Burning

By Nick Breckon, Aug 23, 2007 3:07pm PDT In a story that has truly swept the nation, 2K Boston and Australia's BioShock release woes continue. The newest complaint stems from the PC version of BioShock, which uses SecuROM copyright protection, preventing users from installing the game more than two consecutive times.

Responding to the concerns, steadfast 2K Games community manager and soon-to-be mental patient Elizabeth Tobey explained the issue in a thread on the 2K Games forum.

"You can uninstall and reinstall this game, and if, by chance, you have 2 computers you want to simultaneously play this game on, you also can do that," she said. "If by some chance you are reinstalling this game without uninstalling it first, a lot, there is a chance you may have to call securom and get a key, or deactivate some older installations."

Unfortunately, reports have been coming in that a simple uninstall does not allow another installation of the game. Those who have contacted 2K Games for support have been directed to SecuROM--those who have contacted SecuROM were told to call 2K Games. Like a tough puzzle in an excellent, genre-advancing PC shooter, gamers have turned to the internet for help.

The tail-chasing spurred 2K Boston's Ken Levine to stop his white Ford Bronco long enough to make a statement: "I've followed up on the circular email with securom and we are working on this issue. I agree, it sucks, and we need to get that sorted," he said in a thread on the 2K Games forums. "I've been told by 2k that we will."

Former president Bill Clinton declined to comment on the contentious issue when contacted by Shacknews. Expect more miscellaneous BioShock news as we think up further iterations of the "gate" naming convention.

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  • simply dont buy this game.
    the only way to show companies that they treat their PAYING CUSTOMERS wrong is by not buying the stuff.
    first we got ads in games (because the profits in software are so tiny (/sarcasm))
    now we are being told how often we can install the stuff tehy sell us

    i do not tolerate piracy and everyone who gets a pirated copy of teh game will show 2k games they were right about the shiteous copyprotection.
    but when companies start treating their customers like this, it is no wonder that some people will get pirated copies, simply because they have less hassle using the software.

    good software/games will always sell well regardless if protected or not.

    i will not buy this game and cancelled my preorder already even thoug i loved the demo.

  • Personally, I agree with the levity of the Shack's articles regarding the outrage over these issues.

    That said though, I can understand how someone who just paid $50 of their hard earned cash only to have headache after headache could be pissed that people think its so funny. This isn't some gift someone is bestowing on the world, it is a product, bought and paid for that frankly isn't working as expected or desired by those that purchase it. To simply dismiss them as silly for voicing their displeasure or disgust or outrage or whatever their feeling might be in such a circumstance, because... ? Why are we dismissing them? Because they bought a game instead of a movie or something that is "SERIOUS BUSINESS"?

    I don't know. In the end the way I see it is these people are upset at something that it seems it is kind of reasonable and completely justified to be upset with. Just because its not my problem, or for whatever reason, doesn't seem like we should blow off the people having issues, or make light of their situation, frustration and whatever else. Doesn't mean we can't do so, or that people won't continue to do so, but anyway, that's my 2 cents.

  • I love how Elizabeth's response is so matter of fact, like the fact that you'd have to make phone calls and explain your actions to an external watchdog company is anything but complete contempt for a legitimate paying customer. As bad as EA is, they've never required me to do any of this and I've installed EA downloader and installed BF2142 and the BF2 expansion packs at least 10 times on 5-6 different machines without ever having to uninstall or activate/deactive anything. At what point during a board room conversation would any sane person accept this as a reasonable way to treat a customer?