ShackCast Episode 5: PSP Slim, Tony Hawk 9, Metroid Prime 3, EverQuest II Marriage

For this week's ShackCast, we're trying out a new format. A rotating cast of Shacknews editors--myself along with Steve Gibson, Chris Faylor, Nick Breckon, and Maarten Goldstein--discusses this week's news and impressions in a series of segments. Tell us what you think!

We've got hands-on time with the recently announced PSP Slim, its exclusive Star Wars Battlefront game, and Tony Hawk's Proving Ground on consoles. There's also discussion of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and its new marketing campaign, a trio of My Chemical Romance tracks being made available for Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, and an unorthodox EverQuest II marriage.

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Here's the full breakdown:
00:00: It's a song!
Faylor, Breckon, Remo:
00:52: My Chemical Romance in Guitar Hero II! Wooo? (Story)
11:11: It's a wedding! On computers! In EverQuest II! (Story, video)
Remo, Gibson, Goldstein:
18:04: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground! It's Tony (again), and Skate is coming.
29:08: Why are devs shoving games like Burnout and Tony into open worlds?
Remo, Gibson, Faylor:
33:30: Metroid Prime 3, Nintendo finally starts marketing it! (Story, preview)
Faylor, Remo, Goldstein:
48:27: Faylor checked out the PSP Slim firsthand. (Story)
54:13: Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (PSP): awkward, unwieldy.
56:05: Faylor's verdict: buy PSP Slim.
Remo, Gibson, Goldstein:
58:34: Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball. Why are we talking about this?
Remo, Gibson, Faylor, Breckon, Bergfeld, Goldstein:
64:29: EverQuest II wedding viewing session!
67:16: Outtakes!