Updated HD Rage Footage

By Steve Gibson, Aug 04, 2007 3:50pm PDT Update: id Software has shown us the Rage footage again and this time around we got much better framing and coloring on the footage with a better resolution. We will also be adding about 9-10 minutes of Rage walkthrough footage late tonight on FileShack so keep an eye out for that.

Well here it is, HD footage of Rage from id Software as shown at QuakeCon 2007. You can check out the lower resolution Flash player below but I highly recommend downloading the HD Rage footage from FileShack to get the full visuals.

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  • the trailer looks amazing. watch the hd footage (not even a direct feed) and look at t he amazing details. then watch the developers video with carmack talking about the technical details and the toolset for the game. this quakecon was really eventfull and filled with news.
    also check out the gameinformer interview. it had some interesting bits like:

    "The old story was that Quake II which has nothing to do with Quake I was going to be a completely different name, but we got fed up with getting the names rejected so we said, “Dammit, it’s Quake II. We own that trademark.”

    i have no idea why people are complaining . ive given id my fair amount of shit about rehashed games and shitty movies like doom but the techdemo they have shown was impressive.