ShackCast Episode 3: Rockstar to Deliver PS3 Exclusive, Jaffe Founds New Studio

On this week's ShackCast, we discuss Rockstar's mysterious PlayStation 3 exclusive (and somehow manage to get off on a tangent into creative control in video games), David Jaffe's new development studio, and Rare bringing Viva Pinata to Nintendo DS.

We've also got hands-on impressions of Sony's The Eye of Judgment on PS3, Harmonix's Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s on PS2, Richard Garriott and Destination Games' new MMO Tabula Rasa, the upcoming Xbox 360 Messenger Kit (you know, that keyboard the plugs into the controller), Slant Six's SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals Tactical Strike on PSP, and more.

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Here's the full breakdown:
0:00:00: It's a song!
0:00:56: Rockstar announces PS3 game, we somehow talk about auteur theory
0:10:17: David Jaffe sets up a new studio: Eat, Sleep, Play (Story)
0:22:30: Rare brings Viva Pinata to DS (the show's music is terrible) (Story)
0:34:22: There were video games at Comic-Con, sort of.
0:35:27: Remo played The Eye of Judgment, and it's cool, sort of. (Preview)
0:48:07: Nick on Guitar Hero 80s: "It actually does suck balls, definitively."
0:51:51: Nick reports on Tabula Rasa. It's promising--with a caveat.
1:03:58: Carlos has early impressions of the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit
1:07:40: We discuss what's coming out and what we're playing.
1:18:00: Exactly 30 seconds on SOCOM Tactical Strike (PSP)!
1:20:07: Signoff, music, and outtakes!