ShackCast Episode 2: Silicon Knights vs. Epic

In our second ShackCast, we discuss Silicon Knights' recent lawsuit against Epic Games regarding Unreal Engine 3, and provide even more behind-the-scenes details on the situation from developer sources.

We also discuss this week's Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) gameplay video, Chris Faylor gives some impressions of Atlus's Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (PS2) and Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey (X360). We've got discussion of the roleplaying game genre as well as video game trailers and marketing in games such as Irrational's BioShock (PC, X360) and BioWare's Mass Effect (X360). Finally, we mention some of the games out this week and next, accompanied by our opinions of several of them.

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Here's this week's breakdown:
0:00:00: It's a song!
0:01:05: Come to my Comic-Con panel! (story)
0:01:32: Silicon Knights vs. Epic Games (story, followup story)
0:10:20: Metal Gear Solid 4: We discuss MGS4, Faylor discusses balls (video)
0:20:39: Persona 3: Faylor has impressions of Atlus' recently delayed PS2 RPG
0:31:38: Marketing and trailers for Mass Effect and BioShock: what's the deal?
0:39:40: Does Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s rock our hearts? Kind of
0:43:39: Lost Odyssey for Xbox 360, and discussion of RPGs
0:58:23: Imminent releases: Mario Strikers, D&D Tactics, Crazy Taxi PSP
0:65:38: Farewell, music, and outtakes