Virtual Console: Kirby's Dream Course Booyah

Another three Virtual Console titles have been added to Nintendo's Virtual Console service this morning, with one title and its vertically-challenged mascot standing tall above the rest.

Climax Entertainment's third-person RPG Shining Force is out for 800 Wii Points ($8). Yawn. NAXAT Soft's pinballer Devil's Crush can be had for 600 Wii Points ($6), but didn't pinball die in the 80s? Who cares?

And lo the creampuff did appear. To a song sung by chirping doves and jubilant masses, HAL Laboratory's isometric golf game Kirby's Dream Course triumphantly arrives on the Virtual Console this morning, instantly becoming the best game on the service. Don't wait for the review of Kirby--just buy it now, for the price of 800 Wii Points ($8). You won't regret it. Hopefully.