News Bytes: Microsoft Pegs PEGI

So many impressions of so many good games, and none of them are out right now. Video game stores have been a barren wasteland this summer. In what little game time I've had, I'm going back to stuff like StarCraft and Guitar Hero, while pretending that I'm playing StarCraft 2 and Rock Band. It doesn't really work, but hey, it's still fun. What are you guys playing lately?

Today's bytes include a new deal between Microsoft and European content labelling company PEGI, notes on GDC Austin's preoccupation with MMOs, Dragon's Lair HD DVD details, and some information on a truly limited release of Growlanser: Heritage of War.

  • Microsoft signs PEGI deal


    Microsoft today announced that it has signed up in partnership with PEGI Online, a new project by European content labeller PEGI created especially for online video games. PEGI Online offers guidelines for online games to publishers, who can then apply for a seal which assures concerned parents that the applicable game meets a certain standard of safety for children.

  • GDC Austin goes wild for MMOs

    [pc] [ps2] [xbox360]

    All three keynote speakers at this year's GDC Austin will be directors of noteable MMO titles: Hiromichi Tanaka of Final Fantasy XI (PC, X360, PS2), Michael Morhaime of World of Warcraft (PC), and Sulka Haro of Habbo Hotel (PC). The conference will also be comprised of four tracks, one of which is devoted entirely to online gaming.

  • Dragon's Lair gets more p


    The retro adventure game Dragon's Lair is making its way to HD DVD, and will mark the first 1080p game on HD DVD players. The remastered 1983 arcade title will be released on the format this August, with a Nintendo DS version on the way. A Blu-ray version is already in stores.

  • Growlanser Limited Edition is actually limited


    When the first printing of Atlus' PlayStation 2 RPG Growlanser: Heritage of War sells out, the only place you'll be able to find it is on Ebay. The game is receiving a true limited release, with a 100-page full color art book and other bonuses accompanying every copy.