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By Steve Gibson, Jul 19, 2007 3:59pm PDT Yes, another new feature showing up in test form is the new download servers on FileShack with support for download managers and new locations. We'll have a technology overview and more info on what we're up to detailed on FileShack in the coming weeks but for now just try it out and see. If you don't have Mercury service, it's available to fuss with on the latest Civ IV Beyond the Sword Demo. So here is this stuff:

Lastly, here comes Nick games!

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  • Some Jericho season 2 spoilers if you're interested. From AICN:

    * The Cheyenne government’s army breaks up the fighting between Jericho and New Bern, but we can still look forward to some postwar scores being settled secretly.

    * Cheyenne will work to bring water and power back to Jericho.

    * Titus Welliver, who played Col. Robert Hoffman in the first season finale, was unavailable to reprise the role for the new season.

    * Most of 2.1 takes place a good while after all the battle with new Bern.

    * Stanley and Mimi get engaged.

    * Rob Hawkins and Jake Green go on a mission to save the world.

    * Sprague Grayden will be back as schoolteacher/fix-it girl Heather Lisinski.

    * Gerald McRaney is not expected to appear in any flashbacks during the seven hours.

    * The seven hours begin shooting Monday and should be wrapped by September.

    * Heather will return to Jericho find Jake and Emily coupled up.

    * Heather will get another potential romantic interest, but there will still be some "pull" between Heather and Jake.

    * Had the show received a bigger second-season order, a big part of the action would have been set in New York. As it is, the stories will again be largely confined to the title municipality.

    This would have been a pretty elaborate ploy to make you click on a Harry Potter spoiler.