ShackCast Episode 1: E3

In the inaugural ShackCast (that's like a podcast, but on Shacknews), we touch on Peter Moore's departure from Microsoft and upcoming role as head of EA Sports, and discuss this year's new E3 as held last week in Santa Monica.

In the wake of E3, we also give impressions of a whole bunch of games including, but not limited to, Rock Band (PS3, X360), Metroid Prime 3 (Wii), Mass Effect (X360), Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3, X360, PC), LittleBigPlanet (PS3), and StarCraft II (PC). Look at all those games! Video games!

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Here's this week's breakdown:
0:00:00: It's a song!
0:00:49: Peter Moore's departure from Microsoft (story)
0:04:51: Strange new E3 in Santa Monica (E3 index)
0:09:50: Rock Band! Rock out! Rock on! Rockin'! (preview)
0:20:52: Metroid Prime 3: Hooray! It works! (preview)
0:28:28: Mass Effect: It's awesome
0:36:10: Chris Faylor on the Mass Effect novel (lol)
0:39:54: Scene It?: Yes, we have. It's movie trivia!
0:45:02: Unreal Tournament 3: It's unreal! (hoho) (preview)
0:51:50: Halo Wars: It's Halo but in war form
0:59:18: LittleBigPlanet: More like SuperAwesomeGame (preview)
1:03:14: StarCraft II: We get some details from Blizzard (interview)
1:09:53: Farewell, music, and outtakes