Quantic Dream Weaving PS3 Exclusive

By Carlos Bergfeld, Jul 03, 2007 1:41pm PDT French developer Quantic Dream will be working with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios on a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Sony announced today. SCE WWS, the consolidated Sony Computer Entertainment group, said more details on the collaboration will follow shortly.

"We always believed that 'next generation' meant more meaningful content based on players’ emotional involvement," said Quantic Dream founder David Cage. "To us, PS3 is the only platform that can truly deliver on this promise, and SCE WWS is a group that is both inspiring and pleasant to work with.”

Quantic Dream showed off a PS3 tech demo for a project called Heavy Rain at E3 2006, revealing advanced realism through specialized motion capture techniques, though it is unknown if this new announcement relates to that project.

The company's last release was its 2005 cinematic adventure title, Indigo Prophecy (PS2, Xbox, PC).

Heavy Rain is still listed on Quantic Dream's Web site and described as a "confidential next generation console game."

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  • Any time I see someone talking about "emotional involvement" and computer games I immediately start to think, "bullshit!"

    This isn't because computer games cannot emotionally involve the player -- they can -- but because it is almost always only spoken about by people who are talking shit and who don't go on to back it up with any kind of example. They're often just using the phrase as a meaningless buzzword and devaluing it with every abuse.

    My suspicions were sealed in this case when he went on to claim that the PS3 is the only hardware capable of emotionally involving the player, as if emotional involvement is a factor of hardware power rather than game design, characters, script, and so on; and as if the PS3 hardware is in a different league to anything else. Please don't patronise us, FFS. It's like Intel saying the Pentium makes multimedia Internet possible, only even more vague.

    Why not be truthful and say Sony gave you some money to make your games exclusive? Nobody has problem with that kind of thing. It's happening all over the industry. If you make good enough games we'll buy them, and the hardware required. Just don't tell us that only that hardware could possibly tell an emotionally involving story because we're not idiots. Thanks! Good night!