Auto Assault Grinding to a Halt Later this Year

By Chris Remo, Jul 02, 2007 5:25pm PDT A brief announcement on the official Auto Assault site reveals that NetDevil's vehicular combat MMO will no longer be supported past August 31, 2007. Publisher NCsoft will not be billing any existing subscribers past their current billing periods; the company plans to release more information on how players will be affected.

There was no indication as to whether new subscriptions are being honored, though Shacknews was able to successfully sign up for and download the game's free 14-day trial.

Launched last April, Auto Assault was met with generally positive, if not wildly enthusiastic, critical reception. NetDevil recently announced plans to heavily revamp one of its other MMOs, JumpGate. The company is also creating LEGO Universe, an MMO based on the popular plastic interlocking bricks.

Inquiries have been sent to NCsoft on the matter, but a response had not been received at the time this story was published.

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  • This game had potential. It was one of the only games where I actually had FUN grinding random enemies.

    In my opinion, it didn't do so well because there really was no point to it. The single biggest failure of Auto Assault were the quests. There were so many quests that involved the same things that it eventually degraded to hoarding up as many quests as possible and doing them all in giant batches. It was tedious and tiresome, yet it was the only way to stay sane. If you didn't hoard quests, you would be driving back and forth the region for a very, very long time doing one at a time. You could literally queue up 15 quests and do 5 at once just killing the same monster.