Boxed Up Briefs: Blue Dragon Dated

I can't say I was ever worked up over Starcraft: Ghost. At least not nearly as much as the looming, ever-expected sequels to the rest of Blizzard's games. Still, it's tough to argue with the selling power of their quality cinematics. I'd play that.

Today's lineup features Justin Timberlake and a flock of dragons, with Mistwalker's Blue Dragon receiving a release date, Dragon's Lair heading to the DS, and the Dragon Hunters series gliding to multiple platforms.

  • Blue Dragon dated


    Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Mistwalker's RPG Blue Dragon (X360) will be hitting North American stores on August 28th, with the game sneaking onto European shelves four days earlier on August 24th. Blue Dragon is the first effort for developer Mistalkwer, which was founded by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in 2004. The game was released in Japan last year, to high critical praise.

  • Madden goes to Timbaland

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    Electronic Arts has revealed the soundtrack for Madden 08, which will include such artists as Ozzy Osborne, Yellowcard, Sum 41, The Hives, and Timbaland featuring Justin Timberlake. A full track listing can be found on EA's website.

  • Dragon's Lair DS announced


    Digital Leisure is bringing the classic 1983 arcade adventure game Dragon's Lair to the Nintendo DS. The game will feature both the home and arcade version of the original game, enhanced with dual screen presentation and voice recognition. Digital Leisure released a few screenshots of the game, showing how the DS can be turned sideways in its story-book mode.

    Developed by Cinematronics, Dragon's Lair was one of the first laserdisc games, and featured high-quality animation by former Disney animator Don Bluth. Players move scene-by-scene through the story by choosing the main character's next action. The game created a sensation at local arcades, with fans won over by its revolutionary presentation. A Blu-Ray version was released this year.

  • Dragons hunted on DS


    Playlogic has sent word that it has signed a deal with animation studio Futurikon to publish Dragon Hunters games on multiple platforms in the future. Dragon Hunters is based on the French television series by the same name. A Nintendo DS title is currently scheduled for an early 2008 release.