Aksys Games Baits Wii With Online Fishing

Hooked! Real Motion Fishing controllerDeveloper Core Gamer and publisher Aksys Games will be bringing online fishing to Wii this fall with Hooked! Real Motion Fishing.

Said to feature realistic fishing controls, Hooked! Real Motion Fishing will contain 6 lakes, including a meteorite crater and a recreational reservoir, as well as practice, tournament, and time attack modes in addition to its online multiplayer. A fishing rod-esque controller shell (pictured left), complete with a reel cradle for the Wii Nunchuck, will also be available.

"Armchair anglers and casual gamers into sport fishing will have a lot to look forward to in Hooked! Real Motion Fishing, with its intuitive controls and accessible gameplay," said Aksys Games president Akibo Shieh.

Along with today's announcement, Aksys Games released several screenshots.