Boxed Up Briefs

Welcome one and all to the new Shacknews. It's nice to have you here. Hungry? Great, let's see what's on the menu this evening.

Tonight we've got a lovely selection of snack-sized briefs, including a dirty Earthworm Jim PSP update, Halo 3 toys, more Bratz games, and a new look for The Witcher web site, all served on a motion-sensitive Xbox 360 Tiltboard with just a dash of Piranha Bytes. Enjoy!

  • Earthworm Jim PSP takes a dirt nap

    The Shiny Entertainment-developed Atari-published PSP remake of Earthworm Jim has been put on hold, PSP Fanboy reports. ""I believe EWJ is off the roster," Atari representative Alissa Bell told the site. "May be revisited in the future, but the title is, as I hear it, on hold."

    Bell also noted that the PSP will not play a major role in Atari's E3 offerings. "I don't believe Atari will be focusing on PSP titles at E3," she said.

  • McFarlane toys around with Halo 3

    Toy manufacturer McFarlane Toys will design a line of action figured based off Bungie's much-anticipated Xbox 360 first person shooter, Halo 3. Featuring miniature recreations of characters Master Chief, Brute Chieftain, Cortana, Jackal Sniper, and Grunts along with the Warthog, Ghost, and Brute Chopper vehicles, the merchandise will arrive in stores in the spring of 2008.

  • Tilt, swerve and stay in control with 360 Tiltboard

    Talismoon today announced the availability of the Tiltboard, an upgrade for Xbox 360 controllers that allows gamers to use tilt and motion control to control their Xbox 360 games.

    Requiring only the soldering of only seven wires, the chipset mimics the tilt functionality of PlayStation 3 and Wii controllers and features two convenient external buttons to easily adjust or disable the motion sensors. More details, including ordering information, can be found at Talismoon's official website.

  • The Witcher conjures revamped web site

    Developer CJProjekt and publisher Atari has launched a new website for their upcoming PC RPG The Witcher. Located at thewitcher.com, the site includes a new community section along with a gallery of screenshots and videos, with more content planned to go up throughout the week.

    Inspired by the work of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and powered by BioWare's Aurora engine, The Witcher is expected to release later this year.

  • Piranha Bytes chomps on Deep Silver

    Koch Media-owned publishing label Deep Silver and Gothic 3 developer Pirahna Bytes have announced a deal that will see the two companies continuing to work together in the future. Previously, Deep Silver acted as a co-publisher with the Euopean release of Gothic 3. No further details of the arrangement were released.

    "We are very happy about this collaboration with Piranha Bytes," said Koch Media managing director Klemens Kundratitz. "The team possesses a lot of experience, maintains close relations to its community, has established a successful brand within Germany and beyond its borders and captivated countless players. We're very excited to be able to exclusively accompany Piranha Bytes' work."

  • THQ reveals Bratty focus

    THQ announced it has three new titles inspired by the popular Bratz doll line in development, spanning five platforms. Based off Lionsgates' upcoming live-action Bratz film is Bratz: The Movie (PS2, Wii, GBA) and Bratz: 4 Real (DS, PC). Also in the works is Bratz Super Babies, which will arrive on DS and PC. All three games are scheduled to release later this year.