Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, May 16, 2007 6:09pm PDT I've fussed a little more with this AT&T UVerse stuff today and I'm really pretty sure that once they get the image quality improved as planned I'm sold as a customer. I'll miss you TiVo :( I want you girls to look at these and think really hard.

Lastly, 20-somethings are jerks. Oh and Stern and Jackson are goons for how they handled the Suns/Spurs penalties.

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  • So I built a new gaming rig for my bro details later and finally got to enjoy Sin Episodes minus the sound stutter/framerate issues I had on my rig.

    It could be summed up like this, funny at times, good gameplay ideas, but just wasn't a 'fun' game. I guess it needed more puzzles or something & the boss arenas were boring. Lots of bugs too which forced me to reload the game a few times.

    That said, I LOVED '0828'. That shit was funny as hell for those who know what I'm talking about :) I kept pressing five hoping something would happen :) Oh and the dopefish lives! :)