Late Night Consoling

  • A ducky update for the PlayStation Store


    Sony today updated the PlayStation 3's online PlayStation Store with a smattering of games and trailers. On the game front are Sumo Digital's tilt controlled duck-centric Super Rub A Dub--available in both free demo and $6.99 full version form--and Sony Online Entertainment's $4.99 port of Midway's classic dungeon crawler Gauntlet II.

    Following the system's newfound support of downloadable PlayStation games, 10 of the $5.99 PlayStation titles on the service were updated to be playable on the PS3: 2Xtreme, Crash Bandicoot, Destruction Derby, Jet Moto, Jumping Flash, MediEvil, Rally Cross, Syphon Filter, Tekken 2 and WipeOut. Those who previously bought said PlayStation games though the PlayStation Store can download an updated version for free.

    As for trailers, PS3 owners will find glimpses of Housemarque's Super Stardust HD, SOE's version of Midway's Rampart, and Midway's BlackSite: Area 51, along with the theatrical trailer for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End feature film.

  • Home closed beta underway in North America


    According to reports from the PlayStation.com forums, the North American closed beta test for SCEE's Home began today. Of the small number of PlayStation 3 owners who received an e-mail about the beta in April, the select few chosen to participate will find the Home beta client available for download from the PlayStation Store.

  • Day 1 Studios Fractures PS3, 360

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    Publisher LucasArts and developer Day 1 Studios have announced Fracture, a sci-fi shooter focused on terrain deformation. Set for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during the summer of 2008, Fracture allows players to modify the landscape with their arsenal of weapons. For example, a tectonic grenade creates a towering pillar of rock, which can then be used for puzzle solving. Another example sees a stray rocket launcher blast resulting in a gaping crater, reminiscent of Volition's Red Faction series.

    "LucasArts sees simulation-based gameplay as an essential component of a true next-gen experience, and that's exactly what Fracture delivers," said LucasArts VP of product development Peter Hirschmann. "Day 1 Studios has done a phenomenal job of creating true next-gen tech that not only dazzles on a visual level but also serves as a core gameplay mechanic. Unlike many other next-gen games on the market, Fracture simply isnÂ’t possible in the previous generation of consoles."

    Nine screenshots and a trailer of the game can be found at the official website.

  • Tron beams to XBLA


    In celebration of feature film Tron's 25th anniversary, classic arcade games Tron and Discs of Tron are headed to Xbox Live Arcade care of developer Backbone Charlottetown and publisher Disney Interactive Studios. As with most classic Xbox Live Arcade releases, both will feature enhanced graphics and audio as well as the original assets and online multiplayer.

    Originally released in 1982, Tron contains four mini-games based off the movie: tank battles, light cycle racing, a duel with the Master Control Program and grid bug extermination. Discs of Tron followed in 1983, building upon the Pong-like life-or-derez sport also glimpsed in the film.

    Rated E for Everyone, both Tron and Discs of Tron are slated for release on Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

  • Impossible Mission remake to arrive via Wii Shop Channel

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    System 3's update of Dennis Caswell's beloved Commodore 64 platformer Impossible Mission will be the first original game on the Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo UK has confirmed. As in the the original, the remake has players avoiding deadly robots as they search through Professor Elvin Atombender's randomly generated fortress for the password pieces that will put a stop to his evil plan. As is the case with most modern remakes, the original version of the game will be included as well.

    The System 3 edition of Impossible Mission is planned for a summer release on PlayStation 2, Wii, DS and PSP.

  • 2K reveals BIGS cover athlete

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    Publisher 2K Sports sent along word that St. Louis Cardinals All-Start first baseman and power hitter Albert Pujols will adorn the cover of Blue Castle Games' upcoming "over-the-top baseball action title" The BIGS. Formally announced last October, The BIGS is set to appear on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PSP later this summer.

  • Misc. Q&As/Features

    Insomniac Games has posted the fifth episode of its Full Moon Show podcast. Discussed in this edition are Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3) production updates, the current happenings of the Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) online community, an "I Want Your Job!" interview with Insomniac screenwriter TJ Fixman, and a segment with Old Grandma Hardcore.

Console Game Of The Evening [Submit Yours!]

Meteos for the Nintendo DS. "Meteos is a great puzzle game that has a charming visual and audio style. However underneath it all, it is a frantic, addictive puzzler that rivals Tetris in terms of fun. Definitely one of the best titles on the DS." (submitted by c_man_tmt)