Intel Price Cuts

By Steve Gibson, Apr 24, 2007 10:05am PDT

The major Intel CPU price cuts are in and if you've been waiting around for that CPU upgrade it's about as good of a time as any. Cuts by as much as almost 40% on some chips. Sassy.

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  • Wow, a Quad Core is now fairly affordable. By this time next year they'll probably be around $300 for the Q6600. Of course, by then they'll have way better quad core chips out, with 16mb L2 cache at least :-)

    The future of computers is exciting again. For a while there nothing earth-shattering was happening. Multi-core seems to be the way to go. And along with Stream processors from Nvidia and AMD/Radeon, computing power is really taking off!

    I can only imagine what games will be like 5 years from now. Or how about 20 years from now!