THQ and Double Fusion Team Up for Ads

Publisher THQ and in-game advertising firm Double Fusion today announced a multi-game deal that will see Double Fusion implement ads into several of THQ's franchises. Last year, THQ and Double Fusion announced a similar agreement, although at the time no specific brands were revealed. Today, THQ identified its Juiced, MX vs ATV, and Stuntman (preview) franchises as targets for advertising.

"Through the new console cycle, we see an increasing opportunity to incorporate both integrated and dynamic in-game advertising into many of THQ's owned franchises," said THQ sales and distribution senior VP Scott Guthrie. "We look forward to working with Double Fusion and their prominent group of advertisers to deliver programs that both drive awareness for our ad partners and serve to enhance players' overall gaming experience."

Double Fusion is one of the more prominent players in the in-game advertising market, having also signed agreements with major publishers such as 2K Games (Take-Two Interactive) and Midway. Its methods include the common billboard style of in-game ads as well as more involved 2D images and video and 3D objects.

In a relatively short period of time, in-game advertising has become a highly valued market, with most of the industry's major publishers having announced or begun plans to integrate ads into their games. Furthermore, last May, Microsoft acquired in-game ad firm Massive Inc., and last month Google acquired in-game ad provider Adscape Media.