Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Announced (Updated)

Relic Entertainment's successful World War II strategy title Company of Heroes will be receiving a standalone followup in the form of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, publisher THQ announced today. Opposing Fronts will feature two campaigns, one from the perspective of the British 2nd Army in its drive on Caen, France, and one from the perspective of the German Panzer Elite repelling the Allies' Operation Market Garden airborne assault. Both forces will also be added to the game's multiplayer component, which the expansion will augment with additional modes.

Opposing Fronts will include various technical and gameplay updates, including improved artificial intelligence and physics, dynamic gameplay-affecting weather, mission persistence, and a revised version of the Essence Engine with DirectX 10 support. The game does not require the original Company of Heroes to run.

"In Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts players will experience fast-paced dynamic tactics like never before, in two of the most brutal World War II campaigns ever fought," said Relic GM Tarrnie Williams. "We're delivering yet again on our commitment to leading the way in strategic gaming with the best, most innovative titles available."

THQ plans to ship Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts this fall.

Update: THQ has sent along two screenshots of the game.