Take-Two Pre-Emptively Sues Jack Thompson

In a rather amusing move given the history between Take-Two Interactive and Jack Thompson, Game Politics reports that the Grand Theft Auto publisher has pre-emptively sued Thompson before the Miami-based lawyer has a chance to sue Take-Two first over Rockstar London's Manhunt 2 (PS2, Wii, PSP, PC) and Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, X360). Thompson, who has already alluded to his intent to block the sale of Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV, is now the subject of a Florida petition intending to block him from doing just that. Take-Two also seeks from Thompson the recovery of legal fees incurred during the proceedings.

"Thompson has a history of making multiple threats of legal action, whether substantiated or not, both against [Take-Two] as well as the retailers who purchase the video games and offer them for sale to the public," read's Take-Two's petition to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. "Thompson has made such threats again in connection with Manhunt 2 and GTAIV."

Last year, the lawyer attempted to block the sale of Bully in Florida on the basis of the state's public nuisance law, but his attempt was struck down by the presiding judge, who evaluated the game's content.

In related news, Thompson appears to be taking credit for the recently reported shareholder action expected to occur during Take-Two's upcoming shareholder meeting next week. CEO Paul Eibeler, a long time nemesis of Thompson, is expected to be removed from his position. Thompson has big hopes for the revolt, which he claims is due to his own action in villifying games released by Take-Two-owned Rockstar Games.

"So successful has Thompson been in exposing the fraud and criminal conduct of Take-Two on the national stage," he wrote to the Florida Supreme Court while also denouncing Take-Two's current suit, "that a corporate coup by 46% of Take-TwoÂ’s shareholders is set for March 23, which nearly all financial analysts... are predicting will be successful and which will result in the firing of all Take-Two management and the entire board."