id and Epic: Multiplatform because of piracy

By Chris Faylor, Mar 10, 2007 9:17am PST Across two separate lectures at this week's Game Developers Conference, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead and Epic Games president Michael Capps both admitted that piracy of PC games caused their companies to pursue developing beyond the PC platform. "Piracy has pushed id as being multiplatform," stated Hollenshead, whose company contracted Z-Axis to handle the PlayStation 3 version and Nerve Software the Xbox 360 edition of Splash Damage's forthcoming Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PC).

Comments made by Epic's Capps carried a similar tone. "PC gaming is really falling apart," he revealed. "It killed us to make Unreal Tournament 3 cross-platform, but Epic had to do it," adding "the market that would buy a $600 video card knows how Bittorrent works." Epic is currently developing Unreal Tournament 3 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in-house.

Meanwhile, Firaxis designer and programmer Soren Johnson remained confident in PC development. He suggested that "game design on the PC is going to bend toward persistence," noting Blizzard's World of Warcraft is "successful because you can't pirate WoW. You cannot pirate an MMO. Period."

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  • Dear devs,

    1. make good games, that do not bore me after 1-2 hours of gameplay (like Doom 3 and Quake 4 did)

    2. let me try it before i have to spend 50 bucks on a game. You know what I mean that thing was called "demo" back then and it came out BEFORE the game hits the shelves. And make sure the demo doesn't contain alle teh good things, leave some for the full game.
    Best example these last few months was C&C3, played the demo, was thrilled, ordered the Kane Edition (and EA is publishing it, ffs)

    3. Be honest about how long it'll take me to finish your game. If I buy a game and get that much quicker through it than you hyped, don't you think I might be upset about it?

    4. I understand your need for copy protection, just don't use one, that makes installing and starting up games a pain in the ass (GPG patched Securom 7 out of SupCom last patch).

    Surely piracy is hurting your sales, but dissappointig buyers hugely contributes to make them consider pirating games,instead of buying and being disappointed again (and I my country, once I opened the box, i can't return it, just because the game sucked).

    And for that "Gears of War sold 3million in 3 months" argument George put out, how many shooters are being published for the PC and how many for consoles? Lots more for the PC I think, so selling 3 million would be tough, yes. And when all Shooter-devs like id and Epic develop vor consoles, sales will go down, because people won't suddenly buy 10 game when they bought 3 before and the bad games won't sell there then as they don't on PCs now.

  • Thats alright you fuckers. You stop making PC games, turn it all over to the consoles and see what happens. The fact is, console games have been trying to copy PC games for years, and they are getting more and more successful. FPS? Yup, originally a PC genre. Oblivion and GTA style games? Yup, Daggerfall, the original GTA games, various other freeform games were on the PC first and were copied by console developers. Online multiplayer? Well I sure as fuck dont have to point this one out do i? High end 3d graphics? Lest we not forget the impact a little company called 3dfx had.

    Turn it over to the consoles, and all your gears of war and halo and GTA will be the only fucking things you play for the next 25 years because you can bet none of those devs are going to even remotely try to do anything but more and more of the same.

    It just pisses me off. Piracy is not destryoing PC gaming, its everyone jumping ship to console development because even a mediocre console game will sell millions of copies to Wal-Mart Sam. I dont know when it became such a crossover market. Used to be that PC gaming and console gaming were such seperate markets. You never saw people talking about console games on the shack. I loved those days. I had no reason to care a fuck in a bucket about playstations and nintendos and all that crap. I love my PC games, I loathe console games. That used to be just fucking peachy, you never had to worry about it. But the thing is man, the games just arent the same on the console. Its hard to describe as im sure you all realize, but there is a distinct difference. Halo is a reasonable example. And I know you fuckers are going to shit a squealing worm but Gears of War would have gotten 7.5's and 8's and shit on the PC. PC inspired games, console execution.

    If PC gaming truly dies, well then... I guess ill just have to take up a new hobby. I hear there are people who throw balls at various net like devices. That sounds interesting.

  • Hum... I was under the impression that the online component of gaming had pretty much solved this-- sure there are cracked servers or whatever, but that's not going to make up the bulk of the servers out there.

    The with this is that no one really knows how much money companies actually lose from piracy- who would have actually purchased it BUT because of the pirated copy they got they did not purchase it, and the people that would never have purchased don't count as "lost money". How do you separate out the two? And then, knowing that, how can you make an announcement like this? Is it just "perceived losses due to piracy" ?

    The real bottom line is that the whole pc vs console debate is old. The debate shows up every time new consoles are released or when a new pc video card shows up (complete with the usual "OMG $10000 FOR A VIDEO CARD WTF" comments). The fact that this debate reoccurs speaks to the fact that PC gaming has weathered many "storms". I don't think it's going anywhere, in fact, in many ways I think it's just getting started. If I had to go out on a limb I'd say that in the end I think that PCs will eventually legally be able to play all console games, but not the other way around. :P

  • fucking pirates.

    honestly, i hate owning a console. the thing is, i have to own a console if i truely want to enjoy most of the awesome games that come out in this day and age.

    i am a pc gamer. i will always be a pc gamer. i WANT to always be a pc gamer, and i feel like im getting slighted just because a few (thousand) assholes want to screw over the people that work so hard to make these games.

    honestly, i have no problem with "trying out a game, and then buying it" but thats what demos are for. nobody has any business downloading full versions of games, ever. thats straight up theft, no matter how you look at it.

    bittorrent isn't the only culprit. i would like to know how things like usenet and newzbin exist.

    seriously. please dont ever stop making pc games.

  • Let's summarize the ideas in this thread:

    * Companies make too many shitty games.

    * People think games are too expensive.

    * Pirated copies of games shouldn't be superior to the copies you buy in a store.

    Why do pirates get to play games without disc checks and gay ass protection schemes? It's stupid.

    * Pirates shouldn't get to play games before paying customers.

    A game goes gold, its street date is a month away. A week later, the game is cracked and put on the internet. Pirates get a superior product with no copy protection three weeks before you can even legally buy the game. Stupid. We have systems like Steam. Games should go up on Steam a minute after they go gold. Stop screwing over paying customers and giving people another excuse to steal ("I want to play it NOW!").

    In general, the trend we see is that paying customers are getting raped in the ass by things that aren't protecting game developers anyway. In other words, publishers/developers: stop being retards?