IDG Announces E for All Expo (Just One E This Time)

Last November, GamePro publisher IDG announced that it would be accepting submissions to rename its would-be E3 replacement expo, the then-named Game Pro Game Expo. Today, the company revealed the winning name: E for All, the Entertainment for All Expo. In addition to games on display, E for All will feature tournaments, a Video Games Live concert, gadgets, and on-site retail locations. Unlike past E3 events and the revamped upcoming E3 Business and Media Summit, E for All is open to the gaming public rather than only the press and development communities. The Entertainment Software Industry, which operates E3, also endorses E for All.

Commenting on his winning choice of names, contestant Dante Padre said, "This show seems to be about inviting everyone to participate; they even asked gamers to create the name. Unlike other industry-only events, this show is for everyone. Now everyone will have the opportunity to experience the excitement, the entertainment, and the early look at the industry thatÂ’s only been available to insiders before."

E for All is set to run October 18-20 at E3's former home, the Los Angeles Convention Center.

In case you missed it the original E3 has gone invitation only and is now being held in July rather than May.