More AMD vs Intel

Some of you may remember AMD took Intel to court for being a mean monopoly a while back. Well it looks like a court has now ordered Intel to produce documents pertaining to their affairs outside of the US. A little earlier the US part of the case was thrown out but that has now been reversed along with this ruling.

"Intel's acquiescence to the Special Master's findings is a big win for AMD,” said Thomas M. McCoy, AMD executive vice president, legal affairs and chief administrative officer. “This case remains firmly focused on the worldwide misbehavior of a global monopolist. This ruling also removes any basis for Intel or its foreign customers to withhold evidence of Intel's exclusion, regardless of where it occurred. We will proceed vigorously to prove that Intel abuses its global monopoly power by limiting or excluding competition, which ultimately hurts consumers worldwide.”

As TR mentions Intel is also being investigated in Europe and South Korea for antitrust issues. Last March Intel was also given a warning by Japan's FTC for possibly being a little naughty instead of nice.