CPL Game Severity Announced

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 16, 2006 8:30pm PST According to this PDF format press release on the CPL website, former Ritual Entertainment studio director Tom Mustaine will head up an effort to create a new multiplayer game called Severity. The game, to be released on PC and console systems, will focus on team-vs-team and 1vs1 modes, and will feature extensive support for live and online competitions. The CPL expects to start testing the game by late 2007.
"Severity will be the first videogame conceived from the ground up to ensure the growth and appeal of multiplayer game competitions worldwide," said Tom Mustaine, Director of Game Development at the CPL's new studio.

Severity is built on technology created by developer id Software and includes enhanced tournament support, spectator modes, as well as detailed player and tournament statistics tracking. By leveraging the enthusiastic community and practical experiences of the CPL, Severity is uniquely positioned to set new standards while raising the bar for competitive multiplayer games.

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  • My hope is that they don't make the mistake of equating competitive with bland or restrained. I think the goal here has to be two-fold...make a damned good/satisfying game...and make it something competitive that also meets the needs of something like the CPL (with regard to spectating, demos, etc).

    I also think this is a wise move contrary to what a lot of others are saying. The sort of game needed for this sort of thing isn't really made anymore IMHO...for a variety of reasons. I'm not just talking about the sad and woeful lack of more fast paced "balls to wall" stuff...I'm talking about the lack of a lot of features that you need for spectators and about a focus on things needed for this venue in general. To some degree thats because having a good demo system or whatever isn't going to sell games...and most devs aren't going to focus on the shit that the average player isn't going to notice...the little nagging issues like how game X's weapon projectiles might not hit detect at a certain range or that the mouse input could be a little smoother or whatever...hell some companies don't get around to fixing issues that most players would notice like the fact that your teammates show up as enemies (EA/Dice...I'm looking at you).

    A lot of people seem to be looking at this on the grounds of "it needs to sell really really well and be CS-like in terms of numbers" but in all honesty...high level competitive gaming or whatever you want to call it isn't going to be some huuuuge hit I don't think...its always going to be niche...and being in a niche can be quite lucrative if it isn't overcrowded. Playing CS hasn't elevated "E-Sports" to a much higher level of success and its pretty fucking popular...the fact that the CPL is going to be going back to Q3 seems to indicate a need for a new game fitting the needs of the organization...and such a new game isn't going to be made outside of methods like this. And a uptight as some people seem to get over this...its not like its detracting from the billions of more "modern" FPS games coming out...there aren't a flood of oldschool FPS games anymore...just like there aren't a flood of flightsims or old school grognardish turn based strat games...but that doesn't mean we shouldn't get ANY games along those lines just because a lot of people don't have any interest.