Steam to Offer Guest Passes

By Chris Remo, Dec 11, 2006 4:01pm PST

Valve has just announced that it plans to launch a new service that allows Steam users to send time-limited trials of certain Steam-enabled games they own to others on their friends lists. Menu options for this Guest Pass system will appear on Steam later this week, though they will operate only for users of Valve's closed beta test. Upon conclusion of that closed period, the beta will extend to owners of Day of Defeat: Source, who will be able to send guest passes for that game to their friends. Valve did not specify what other Steam games will be eligible once the full service goes live, though today's announcement did state that it will apply to Steam-enabled games purchased both online and at retail.

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  • about time! this is a great idea!

    i love playing games online with my friends, but when i bought ut2k4, my friends didnt buy it as well. i had a great time playing it, i got into the clan scene and everything, but it just wasnt the same without my mates.

    i am sure that if i was able to give trial accounts to them, we would have played it together for that period, and they most certainly would have bought the game.

    i have a feeling that there are more cases like this one, and that this system has the potential to increase sales of a game, boost its community, and make it last longer. here in australia, a game can easily die from lack of players, and i saw this happen to ut2k4. i am now stuck playing the almost-as-awesome dod source. at least my mates play that with me.