Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Sep 18, 2006 6:00pm PDT So.. off to see my first hockey game in I think nearly 10 years and I'm taking mom! Mom has a habit of picking fights in crowds and knocking teeth out so I figured she can offer me protection.

- More on iTV
- Laser chips!
- Penis transplant is hot!
- Fish join CTU
- The evolution attack has gone global
- Madonna going to space

Lastly, for some reason some women snuck out of the kitchen and are trying to do science?

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  • I finished reading The Shadow of the Wind today. Some call it a modern classic and others call it pretentious thriller trash "the likes of Dan Brown (and worse!)" I simply think it's a superbly written book with a solid story, perfectly set in the tumultuous period of Civil War and revolutions in Spain during and after the second World War.

    And I must admit that I'd never felt compulsed to re-read a book (with the exception of some childhood readings for nostalgia), until I put the book down this afternoon, savoring the last few pages over and over, constructing the whole story in my head, trying to remember the fascinating way the story unfolded, the high-points and the low-points of the life of Julian Carax and Daniel Sempere.

    Some reviewers mention verbal anachronisms (I'm guessing they mean when someone says "son of a bitch" and other seemingly "new" cuss words so off-handedly). It was a bit awkward, but as my mind translated the words into their Spanish equivalent, it had the opposite effect, and the story seemed to come alive. Somehow, curses sounded more ancient and fit in the gothic/neo-gothic setting when spoken in Spanish.

    A case of lost in translation? If Deadwood's taught us anything, it's that modern cusses, even in English, can be decades, if not centuries, old.

    In summary: A few dead bodies. Haunted houses. Some titties. Lover sexcapades. Perverted old men. No rapes. Murders. Childhood friend betrayals. No explosions :( Fascism. Wife slapping. Insinuated devil. Animal torture accusations. Gypsies with macaques. Transvestite dancing for retarded children. Stuck-up nuns. Cigarette smoking femme fatale (I kept picturing her as Monica Bellucci). Sucker punching. Still-born baby. Old ladies forgotten in retired hospices. Off-hand description of car bomb incident.

    PS: Fermin "John Turturro" Romero de Torres is the best character ever.