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By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 26, 2006 7:13am PDT

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  • Was thinking about trying out Madden 07 on the PSP, but wanted to wait and see if it had horrible bugs like last year. Looks like it does!

    Unfortunately, these corrected issues are counterbalanced by some new problems. Bugs, specifically, pop up in some key areas of the gameplay. One issue of note is that some pass plays simply don't have the right button icons assigned to certain receivers. When you zoom out to view the routes your receivers will be taking, slot receivers will have one button icon associated with each one. When you snap the ball, those icons effectively reverse, so you're basically getting the wrong information prior to the snap. Again, this is only on certain pass plays, but we noticed it multiple times throughout every game we played. Another issue involves artificial intelligence quarterbacks. Every now and again, an AI quarterback at the beginning of a drive will just sit behind center and let the play clock run down. This will happen over and over until you decline a delay-of-game penalty. After that, he goes right back to normal. While this issue obviously can be worked around, and if you're attentive, you can get around the incorrect passing icon issue too, these are the sorts of things that should have been picked up on and fixed before the game hit shelves.

    I guess EA thinks now that they have an exclusive license, they can neglect the QA process.