Just Cause Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 24, 2006 7:32am PDT

For those of you interested in helping overthrow the government of San Esperito, a demo of Just Cause is now available. The 543mb download includes four missions from this GTA-like third person action game. Thanks GameSpot. Xbox 360 gamers can find this demo on the Marketplace.

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  • Since other companys are trying to break the Rockstar hold on "open world" gameplay I'm not going to say anything bad about this one. I will offer advice. Everything in a vehicle feels far too light, make them feel heavier, the lightness dosen't feel "more actiony" as I'm sure some douche in the office was adamant about. If you have to feed him ex-lax and then go over his head, do so. Also, whats up with getting shot 10 times and losing almost no health, along with that why make a gun you can pick up, with ammo constraints, weaker than the default never ending pistols? See, you're all over the place with consistancy and gamers HATE that. The world is nice but it's very obvious at this point that two companys created the game and the game world. Fix it!

  • This has certainly got potential but oh man, TEH BUGS!!1

    This could really do with like, another six months of polish :( There simply is no AI. They just kept killing each other! Helicopters would randomly just fly into trees and explode! Then another would respawn and do the same thing again! Then my character got stuck halfway through a truck, True Crime New York style. Whilst amusing, it really felt like .. shit was broken. :(

    The stunt stuff is cool, and I do appreciate the freedom :D but wtf, no ragdoll, stuff disappears in an instant etc. It's just the most uber-ps2 port'd xbox 360 game ever.

    I really hope (but doubt) that they'll polish her up before release, I was really hyped for this -_-