Hitman: Blood Money Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, May 22, 2006 10:29am PDT

You can now grab a Hitman: Blood Money demo from FileShack, allowing you to once again assume the role of Agent 47. The 759mb demo includes the game's first mission where your job is to take out Joseph Clarence aka The Swing King. Thanks GameSpot.

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  • Hitmenz:

    So far I've only played through 2 all the way. Less than 1/4 though the first one, and skipped the 3rd one completely (sucky demo).

    Someone please get me up to speed as far as story goes. I know 47 is some sort of clone I guess, but that's all.

    Oh and for the demo: well, better than hitman 3's demo. Can't say I'm too impressed though. I know it's the tutorial level, but if the rest of the game isn't supposed to be all Splinter Cell in it's level of mindnumbing linearness, they should've included a second level to demonstrate it.