Tribes Successor In Development? is reporting that Garage Games might just be working on a spiritual successor to the Tribes games. They based this on an image from a blog from one of the guys at Garage Games (which employs several ex-Dynamix folks), and a 21 second tech video which looks a lot like Tribes. The TribalWar community was also told to "keep your eyes open around the GarageGames booth at GDC 2006. Never know what kinda things might be shown off".

why else would there be a video floating around with the following - jetpacks, skiing, a vertical disc launcher, but a disc launcher all the same... rolling hills, GIGANTIC structures fading off into the distance. The video is a triber's dream come true. The video IS tribes. But what does it represent? A new edition, or a tech demo with excessive fan service? We should find out at GDC.
Update: according to GameCloud, the media is from tech demos and no full blown Tribes-like game is in the works at Garage Games.