Psychonauts Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 27, 2006 8:57am PST

There's a look back at Pyschonauts on Computer & Video Games today. Double Fine's Tim Schafer is asked about specific elements from the game including the levels, creating stories for the kids, team collaboration, some of the crazier stuff in the game and the name Razputin.

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  • While I'm a big fan of Psychonauts, I really didn't like some aspects of it (the last level and a bit, primarily), and I think the fact that levels like The Milkman Conspiracy, Waterloo, and Lungfishopolis are such incredibly, outstandingly, classic platformer levels makes the parts I didn't like seem so much worse. I guess the elements of the game that didn't work just stand out so much because they're up against such gems.

    I sure hope that Schafer's next game is more of a financial success to give other, similarly artistic designers more opportunities.