Build a Better Hammer

Publisher NCsoft has announced a Design-a-Weapon Contest for ArenaNet's Guild Wars (PC). The company is soliciting concept art--printed on actual paper, not modeled in 3D--for inclusion in the next Guild Wars update. It is not clear how many winners will be selected. The contest rules don't seem to suggest that entrants have to actually own a copy of the game, so if you're not a Guild Wars player but you get a kick out of drawing wacky fantasy staves, give it a shot.
It's time for another Guild Wars contest! And with the Design-a-Weapon Contest, you have a chance to be immortalized forever in the second chapter of the Guild Wars story. We will be offering many new weapons and shields in the upcoming installment, and we'd love to include items based on your concepts. To enter the contest, simply send us a drawing, sketch, or printed image of a weapon or shield that you have designed.

Categories include: axe, bow, focus item, hammer, one-handed sword, shield, staff, and wand. The announcement also notes that new weapon types will be added to the game in the next release, but for now you should stick to the ones listed.