American McGee Licenses Out Some Properties

Designer American McGee, known for American McGee's Alice, American McGee Presents Scrapland, and the upcoming American McGee's Oz, American McGee's Grimm, and Bad Day L.A., has signed a deal with graphic novel publisher Cellar Door to publish comic adaptations of his properties. The contract covers his three in-development projects, Bad Day LA and AMG's Oz and Grimm.

The graphic novels will be conceived by American McGee and written and illustrated by some of the industries top creative talent. Bad Day LA will be based on the stories and characters in the upcoming tongue-in-cheek action adventure title. Oz will incorporate the dark, stylized and edgy elements of American McGee's unique vision, and Grimm follows in the tradition of the American McGee brand by bring to life a children's fairytale world in a twisted style and manner.
Cellar Door publishes only graphic novels, not periodic issues. Specific writers and artists were not mentioned.