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By Steve Gibson, Jul 22, 2005 6:00pm PDT So hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have interviewed enough guys to know who our new LNC monkey will be so we can start off Monday with the return of that stuff. Ok probably not. Thanks to our buddy Jason as always for the help with the interview questions. It's like lots of questions about Japanese dudes and stuff. Crazy. Ok here is some stuff:

- Aimfight is hot
- Fighting smog
- Women in games
- Online Jeopardy
- Windows Vista
- FireFox 1.5 coming soon

Lastly, net dating.. painful reality TV. Watched this show once with the lady and yeah... it's crazy.

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  • Tour de France

    Today is the 2nd to last day, this is the last chance for Lance to win a stage as tomorrow will belong to the sprinters. He is a favorite to pour it on and take the stage outright which he has to do himself, no help from the team.

    It's not required of him to win, but it really is tradition that the tour winner should take at least one stage. The three stages that Lance could have won earlier this year but he sat up, well, those were missed opportunities now. He must win today if ever. Tomorrow is more of a coronation ride than a real race traditionally, save the sprinters who love to blast down Champs Elysees.

    Today is a long time trial with a long, sloping downhill run to the line. They start in St. Etienne and will finish there after the looping climb out:


    For the newcomers, if you're just starting to take interest on this weekend's finale, here's how today works: In a time trial, the riders ride against themselves and the clock, they start out at one minute intervals. You will not see many riders near other riders as the objective is to pass by them and keep them from drafting off you. If a rider passes the rider in front of him, that's one full minute the rider ahead has lost overall. The goal is to go as fast as you can. Any time an opponent finishes faster than you, you lose time to, every moment is a push to go faster or lose time to someone else.

    It's an hour and 10-15 minute ride today, long for a time trial. You're going to see some interesting moves today to watch as you'll see the difference between a time trialist, a sprinter, and a climber.

    The climbers can't go fast in the time trial so expect to see Rasmussen in a heated battle to hang onto 3rd while Ulrich, a much better time trialer, will hope to gain 2.5 minutes on him to join Lance on the podium. Basso, in 2nd, has a lot to prove towards next year that he will be the one to beat. He is not expected to beat Lance, he's not as good as Lance or Ulrich over a time trial, but he is defending his 2nd place from a freakish strike from Ulrich or Rasmussen.

    *} Americans of interest: *

    Levi Leipheimer needs to push himself today if he wants to finish top 5, but it is within the realm of possibility.

    Floyd Landis, also in the top ten, needs to ride well to hang onto a top ten finish.

    This is the first time so many Americans have been in the top 10.

    Time trials bring out all your flaws mentally and physically, today the riders will drive themselves into the ground. Every second matters. Every second that you don't push yourself, 200 other riders are pushing harder.

    Can Lance get a stage win? Can Rasmussen hang onto 3rd from a hard charging Ulrich who wants the honor of taking the podium with Lance on his last ride? Will Basso take the horse by the reigns and show everyone that he's the man to take over next year?

    Today we find out.

    1 days left.
    55.5 km to go today for Lance.
    89 miles left to go to the line in Paris tomorrow.

  • Firefox / Flash / Quicktime help:

    I accidentally associated flash pages with the Quicktime plugin in Firefox. I disabled it in the MIME settings after I realized what I had done but now pages with SWF files won't use the Flash plugin. Instead it will try to use the Quicktime plugin for SWF files (which doesn't work).

    I have tried uninstalling Quicktime, reinstalling Flash, reinstalling Firefox, about the only thing I haven't done is delete Firefox and reinstall. If I do that it is something I will try tomorrow.

    If there is an alternative to deleting Firefox, please let me know. There has to be a way to have my SWF files in Firefox associate themselves with the Flash player. Nothing I tried has worked so far. Thanks.