Quake Goes Mobile

Another valuable id software series is finding its way onto the cell phone gaming scene: Quake! id software and Pulse Interactive announced the deal yesterday that will bring Quake to next-gen cell phones that feature dedicated 3D graphics hardware. In development by Bare Naked Productions, the port will be a "faithful conversion" of the original PC game.

"Quake Mobile takes all of the action, game play, and atmosphere of the groundbreaking original and puts it right in the palm of your hands," says id CEO Todd Hollenshead. Pulse Interactive president Paul Trowe commented: "Forget miniature golf and puzzle games, Quake is going to take mobile gaming to a whole new level. [The game] will not only satisfy hardcore players, but also create a whole new generation of fans around the world." EuroGamer reports that this port will be an embedded program on a new handset launching in July.