Supreme Commander Revealed

By Alec Matias, Jun 17, 2005 8:00am PDT The latest issue of PC Gamer has hit newsstands and on the cover is Supreme Commander, the latest game from Gas Powered Games and Chris Taylor. Taylor is best known as the creator of both the Dungeon Siege and Total Annihilation series. While Taylor was never able to acquire Total Annihilation from Atari, he did tell PC Gamer that Supreme Commander is its spiritual successor.

The big deal with SC is that there is a galactic war going on in real-time and as the Supreme Commander, you can seamlessly zoom in and out of different battles, shifting from a satellite to ground-level view. The action takes place on land, air, and sea with a large variety of units, including "major units" that are huge, hulking pieces of steel many times larger than the standard unit. Think a Godzilla-sized unit marching along with your tanks.

Overall, the article has you coming away with the sense that Taylor is trying to reinvigorate the genre. He feels RTS games don't feature strategy of any kind and he's here to fix that. For instance, you can use a "Base Commander" to handle all resource management while you're off actually dictating the outcomes of battles. On top of that, he wants to create a sense of realism and scale that has yet to be seen; the battleships in Supreme Commander are so enormous, you'd need a dual screen setup to see the whole thing at the ground level view. Supreme Commander is set to release in 2006.

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  • TA was awesome. I don't understand how it was so much less popular than tat like command and conquer. Warcraft 2 was good, but it was TA that had the best feeling of chaos and an all out war. The scale of the battles could be incredible.

    Although I'm not really a massive strategy gaming fan, I'm still looking forward to seeing what Chris Taylor and his team can do. TA added so much to the RTS genre way back in 1997 (or whenever it was, I have no idea to be honest :) it will be interesting to see if (some of) the same team can do it again.

    TA's order queue system and interface in general was amazing by the way :) Better than anything I've seen since.