Report from the DOOM Movie Set

Although the movie adaptation of DOOM has already finished shooting, Dark Horizons is just now talking about their visit to the set which was located in Prague. They revealed five things about the movie that they feel need to be known right this minute. 1.) The movie is going for a "Hard R" rating, 2.) the weapons and sets are reminiscent of classic DOOM, 3.) there isn't a ton of green screening, just plenty of men-in-suits, 4.) the story follows three soldiers answering a distress call on a new planet, and 5.) everything is based indoors.

For a more detailed explanation, click the link to check out their report. It is interesting to note, as did author Jeff Wilser, there's been barely any mention of the movie. "No promotion. No trailers. No teasers. Not even a one-sheet." It's also releasing in the movie dead month of October. Hm..