Nintendo Revolution Details

So the Nintendo press conference is going on right now as you can see on the moblog Maarten and Alec are attending the show grabbing up some more HD footage for later on today. In the mean time here are some quick hits on what Nintendo has announced for Revolution:

- WiFi controllers and a 'very unique' controller to be introduced later
- WiFi games with Nintendo characters
- "strong 3rd party support"
- Square Enix working on wifi Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
- game development is claimed to be a breeze
- disc drive accepts GameCube games but system is backwards compat w/ all past Nintendo games via downloads
- unique way to combine internet, controlling, flash memory to combine a unique game experience. keeps hinting towards "all-access"
- 2006 console

Thanks anthonybean for collecting a lot of these. Also, GameBoy Micro - new GameBoy Advance about the size of an iPod Mini