TimeGate's Section 8

A while back we mentioned that TimeGate Studios had licensed the Unreal Engine 3, though at the time it wasn't mentioned what kind of project they would use it for. GameSpy is now reporting the strategy game developer is moving into the first person shooter market with an action game called Section 8.

The game's title refers to an elite squad of powered armor infantry that serve as the focus of the single-player content. The squad gets its nickname because of its penchant for taking on suicide missions that no one else will tackle. Chaveleh said that even though the studio is known for its strategy games, it wants to bring that experience to the FPS genre. "This title will be, at its heart, an action-packed FPS. There will be new innovations and elements from strategic titles added to the mix, but the focus is definitely large-scale FPS gameplay," he said. "Everyone at TimeGate loves the FPS genre and we have always wanted to put our trademark 'spin' on that type of game."
The game will be released on PC and next-gen systems, though no release date is mentioned.